Does color make a difference for toys in a baby's room?

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Often times we wonder if color is important for newborn baby toys in a baby's room. Traditionally blue is for boys and pink is for girls. However, infants can enjoy an array of colors of toys in a baby's room, as long as the parents know and are fully aware

of what toys, and colors of toys their children play and learn with. Black and white toys are also very soothing for a newborn baby.

Bright colors can make a baby's eyes light up and dark colors can help a baby fall asleep. A variety of color in a newborn's life is so important for their learning and growing skills. As a baby grows he or she will distinguish things by their color. Perhaps I can provide some information that might be helpful. For example my grandson, who was just born enjoys his colorful green monsters and his colorful caterpillar. My grandson also plays in his walker for hours at a time. The walker my grandson enjoys so much is surrounded with green, brown, and orange jungle animals.

My grandson pulls and plays with the dangling toys with the biggest smile on his face the whole time. My grandson grins from ear to ear when he plays with his colorful caterpillar. He lays on the floor doing his little floor exercises on his tummy, trying to reach his colorful caterpillar the whole time.

Now that it is Christmas time, my grandson is enjoying all the colors of the season.He likes the bright different colored lights throughout the house. He really likes the blinking and flashing colors of grandmothers fiber optic snowman. In the baby's room, my daughter hung colorful snow flakes from the ceiling. So when the baby plays in his

room with his toys, it's festive with Chrismas colors of red and green.

My daughter put white snow flakes on the windows in the babies room too. During the day my grandson plays on the floor in the baby room. In fact my grandson spends alot of time in his baby room, he takes all of his naps in there. He gets his clothes changed in the baby's room. Sometimes he has his quiet time in that room too. Occassionally my daughter will have her friends with babies come over. When they get together they always play with the babies in the baby room, where all the colorful toys are for the babies to play with.

All the moms that come to visit bring extra colorful baby toys. The babies all enjoy crawling and trying to crawl to get to the toys. I really enjoy hanging out and observing the babies, and how they play together. As a grandmother, I feel so proud to watch my grandson grow and learn. I know that a big part of his learning and growing revolves around his baby room and his toys that are all a huge part of his life as he grows up.

As my grandson grows his baby room will change to a big boy room, with different colors too. I personally can't wait to see what colorful taste my grandson has

as he grows up.

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